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Phased Array Antennas

Physioflex, designs, develops, manufactures and markets

Phased Array Antennas for DTH, VSAT or Terrestrial applications


Physioflex ‘s Phased Arrays cover:

  • Different Frequency Bands(UHF, X, Ku, Ka and even V&Q bands
  • In Linear (Dual Linear) or Circular Polarisation (Dual Circular).

Our antennas, based on Flexible Microwave Circuits, can be integrated:

  • On Fixed, Portable or Mobile Satellite Terminals
  • On UAV’s
  • On Microsatellites


Satellite Ground Terminals

Physioflex  has implemented a significant number of projects relating to design, procurement, installation and support of Portable Satellite Terminals for the Greek MoD and Greek Police.


These Terminals provide Voice-Video and Data communications between Mobile Communication Nodes or between Mobile Communication Nodes and UAV’s


Our Compact Reconfigurable Terminal Integrated on Antenna for Satellite Communications (CRETIAS) providing secure communications for the GovSatCom system will be available 3Q 2023.

RF equipment design and manufacturing
  • Design and manufacturing of a Planar Antenna for Ka-band (ERICSSON)
  • Ka band Low Noise Amplifier (Space Eng.)
  • VHF to L-band Upconverter (Space Eng.)
Engineering & Production Services

Physioflex provides engineering services covering initial design of unit, prototype implementation and testing. Example projects are:

Design and implementation of various Phased Array antennas from L-band to Ka-band.

Cubesat Payload and Communication Subsystem design and implementation.

AES and Multibeam Phased Arrays design and implementation.

Design of a GaAs FET low noise amplifier for satellite applications.

Design and implementation of microwave filters for the 25 MHz – 30 GHz, frequency band.


Physioflex can also handle complete product manufacturing including tooling design and manufacturing, assembly and testing of products and sub-systems in its production facilities , in Athens